Emulsion Breaking Bilge Water Cleaning System

breaking system

Water Cleaning System Marinfloc AB is reportedly first manufacturer of Emulsion Breaking Bilge Water Cleaning System (EBBWCS) that shipowners and shipyards can choose to fulfill the new IMO regulations for newbuildings after January 1, 2005. The new Marinfloc Mark III type CD fully complies with the new IMO MEPC 107 (49).

The Marinfloc Mk III type CD is a fully automatic constant flow Emulsion Breaking Bilge Water Cleaning System. The manufacturer touts additional benefits to the new design, such as less sen sitivity to tensides, soot, fibers and chemicals, and. at the same time, less need for pre-heating of the process water while having a higher tolerance to fluctuations in the PH value. The separating and emulsion breaking technology used in the Mk III type CD keeps the water content in the drain/refuse to a minimum. In line with its predecessors, the Mk I and Mk II, the processed effluent water in the Mk III contains less than 5 PPM of oil.

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