New Instrument Monitors Chlorine Residuals- Literature Available

EPCO, developer and manufacturer of OEM electronics for the pollution control industry, has introduced an instrument capable of continuous monitoring and recording of chlorine concentrations in waters at 1-500 parts per billion concentration levels.

Known as the Chlortect chlorine monitor, their instrument was developed at the National Bureau of Standards and is the result of an increasing need to monitor chlorine residuals, on site, with high sensitivity and reliability. The technology is based on the principle of amperometric measurement of iodine, produced via chemical reaction to active chlorine in the sample water with a potassium iodide reagent. An internal calibration system which coulometrically generates an accurately known amount of iodine, eliminates the need to calibrate the system with standard solutions. The Chlortect is supplied in rack-mountable configuration with standard ac power supply, and is available with optional dc battery pack for remote use in field monitoring. It is adaptable to saline, fresh, or brackish water and is applicable to any industry, especially those subject to EPA regulations where chlorinated waste water discharges must be monitored. For free literature containing complete details, write to EPCO, Dept. MR, 5 Newtown Road, Danbury, Conn. 06810.

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