Owens-Corning Booklet Describes New LNG Containment System

A booklet from Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corporation describes its recently developed Fiberglas/ plastics (FRP) and polyurethane insulating and containment system for liquefied natural gas carriers. It is the first nonmetallic system to combine high strength and impact resistance with low thermal capacity and low thermal conductivity.

Called "Perm-Bar II," the system consists of modular, prefabricated panels of FRP and reinforced polyurethane insulation.

When installed, the panels are designed to insulate and protect a ship's hull from attack by LNG, which is carried at minus 260°F (— 162°C). The system also controls vaporization of LNG to within economic limits during transportation. Illustrated with cutaway drawings, the Owens-Corning publication describes how "Perm-Bar II" is installed. Each component in the system is shown and described. Assembly as well as design and engineering considerations are discussed.

For a copy of the booklet or additional information on the "Perm-Bar II" system, write C.X. Meeks, Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corporation, Fiberglas Tower, Toledo, Ohio 43659.

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