Capabilities Of Trinity Marine's New Beaumont Yard Highlighted

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The Trinity Marine Group (TMG), of Gulfport, Mississippi, recently conducted a week long sales and marketing drive through New York and New Jersey to promote the group's 11 shipyards, particularly its newly renovated yard in Beaumont, Texas.

Mr. Walter W. Rody, of TMG, gave luncheon presentations to senior managers from ship and barge operators in both states. During the meetings Mr. Rody showed a 12 minute video about the facilities of TMG before beginning his discussion on Trinity Beaumont.

TMG is wholly owned by Trinity Industries, of Dallas, a large manufacturer of heavy metals products for rail cars, marine products, structural products, and pressure/ non-pressure containers. Trinity Industries has generated revenue in each of the last 3 years in excess of $1 billion, with TMG alone contributing over $230 million.

The shipyards belonging to the marine group are located in Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi and Pennsylvania and are organized as "divisions" of TMG's Gulfport headquarters. Because a large part of the administrative work for each yard is conducted at the Gulfport office, overhead costs are significantly reduced for the shipyards and their customers.

Although each yard is responsible for obtaining its own contracts, TMG will often devote several of its facilities to the same project. Using modularized shipbuilding techniques, components of a single project can be fabricated at several yards and then barged to the main construction site for final installation. TMG companies are: Halter Marine, Inc.; Moss Point Marine, Inc.; Equitable Shipyards, Inc.; Gretna Machine & Iron Works, Inc.; HBC Barge, Inc.; Aluminum Boats, Inc.; Trinity-Beaumont; and Trinity Marine- Gulfport, Inc.

According to TMG, it is currently involved in several hundred million dollars worth of U.S. Government and commercial contracts. The company has recently delivered 6 T-AGOS13 ocean surveillance ships to the U.S. Navy and several ocean going 20,000-dwt tank barges and high horsepower tugs to commercial operators. Other ongoing programs are: the Navy's oceanographic research ship, AGOR 23; T-AGS 60 & 61 hydrographic survey ships; logistic support vessels (LSV) and LCU-2000 landing craft for the U.S. Army; fast patrol craft (PCF) for the Philippine Navy; twelve, 208-foot oil spill response ships and various 100-ton crane barges, supply vessels, tugs and barges.

Trinity's primary marketing initiative is centered on its recently reorganized Beaumont yard. Located in the southeast of Texas, Trinity Beaumont is a fully integrated ship construction yard with full shipbuilding, conversion and repair facilities.

When purchased from Bethlehem Steel Corps, in 1989, Beaumont possessed an array of modern shipbuilding equipment that had been used for the building of offshore drilling rigs, platforms and ship conversions. Trinity Industries began a $1.5 million augmentation of the facility that would give it the capacity to construct ocean going tankers, cargo vessels and passenger cruise ships.

To improve the yard's ship repair capability, TMG purchased a 15,000- long-ton-capacity medium floating drydock from the Navy, with a length over all (LOA) of 579 feet and a distance between wing walls of 90 feet. Other yard additions include: a plate and structural blasting machine; 3 wire feeder one side submerged series arc welding machine; plate buttweld radiography area; gas metal arc welding structural fitting machine that can fit 5 stiffeners at one time; a welding station capable of welding 3 stiffeners at once; and 3 modular construction stations measuring 45 feet by 60 feet.

For free literature detailing the capabilities of Trinity Marine Group and the services available at Trinity-Beaumont,

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