Equitable Launches First Of Two Ferries For Louisiana Department Of Highways

equitable launches first of two ferries
for louisiana department of highways

Equitable Shipyards, Inc., New Orleans, La., recently launched the first of two ferries being built for the State of Louisiana, Department of Highways.

The ferryboat New Roads is the first of two ferries to be built by Equitable Shipyards, Inc. for the State of Louisiana, Department of Highways. The New Roads will enter service in Point Coupee, West Feliciana and St. John Parishes on the Mississippi. The principal characteristics of the ferry are: length overall — 150 feet, beam, molded — 60 feet, depth, molded amidships — 10 feet, and draft, maximum — 5 feet.

The New Roads is of all-welded steel construction with a capacity for 35 cars and can accommodate 50 passengers in an islandtype lounge on the main deck.

The vessel is powered by two Caterpillar type D-346 TA diesel engines, each with continuous output of 466 hp at 1,800 rpm. The ferry is constructed to the American Bureau of Shipping Maltese Cross A-l Ferry Service and Maltese Cross AMS requirements, and meets all U.S. Coast Guard rules and regulations for passenger vessels. Steering is electrohydraulic, with instrumentation and controls mounted on a console in an air-conditioned pilothouse. The ferry will be operated by a crew of approximately five.

Equitable is a wholly owned subsidiary of Trinity Industries, Inc., Dallas, Texas, a manufacturer of industrial, marine and structural products.

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