Microwave Indicator Tells Level Of Liquid Cargoes Aboard Ship

Penco Division, Hudson Engineering Company of Hoboken, N.J., has been appointed the U.S. marine sales representatives of Saab Marine Electronics, Goteborg, Sweden.

SUM 21, one of their principal products, is the first microwave operated level indicator system for measuring aboard ship, the ullage of crude oil, liquid hydrocarbons or water cargoes. Based on principles used in radar, this intrinsically safe system eliminates physical or mechanical measuring techniques.

A radar beam is transmitted from a deck-mounted antenna to the oil surface and back to the antenna. Based on the time lapse of the reflected beam, the oil level is calculated accurately and displayed in the cargo control room.

The system requires no manual intervention and contains no moving parts. Required levels can be preset to give alarm over the entire tank range.

For additional information, write to Jack Ellsworth, Penco Division, Hudson Engineering Co., 1114 Clinton Street, Hoboken, N.J. 07030.

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