Heavy Weather Ship Operation Subject Of Webb Seminar

A Seminar on Ship Operation in Heavy Weather has been scheduled for September 19-20 at Webb Institute of Naval Architecture, Glen Cove, Long Island, N.Y. _ Recently, there has been increasing interest in technical developments toward more efficient operation of ships in heavy weather services. Storm seas cause delays for modern high-powered ships, and may result in damage— usually to local structure or hull fittings as a result of shipping water, bottom damage caused by slamming, or damage to cargo as a result of high accelerations. The pressure to conserve fuel has also indicated the need for guidance to the deck officer in the handling of his ship.

One recent approach to reducing such damage is the use of shipboard instrumentation that provides warning that the levels of bow motion, stresses or accelerations have reached dangerous levels. Some instrumentation also provides guidance to the deck officer in choosing the best combination of speed and course change to avoid damage. Another approach that has been widely adopted is that of weather routing to avoid or minimize ships' encounter with rough seas. This technique has been successful in saving voyage time, avoiding serious damage and conserving fuel. However, there are new developments in long-range wave forecasting, ship response prediction, and optimization theory that should improve the quality of weather routing.

The purpose of this Seminar is to present the latest technical developments in shipboard instrumentation and weather routing techniques, with emphasis on results of research under the sponsorship of the National Maritime Research Center (NMRC) of the Maritime Administration, Kings Point, N.Y. It will also provide an opportunity for the exchange of ideas among operating and research people as a means of assisting in the planning of further research and development. Guest speakers include: Dr. Vincent Cardone City University of New York; Norman Cima, Ocean Routes, Inc.; Henry Chen, M.I.T.; John Dalzell, Davidson Laboratory; Robert Raguso, Bendix Field Engineering Corp.; Robert Reid, Sperry Marine Systems, and Norman Stevenson, Navy Fleet Numerical Weather Central, Monterey, Calif. Speakers from the National Maritime Research Center (Maritime Administration), Kings Point, will be Dr. Walter Maclean and Virgil Williams. Members of the staff of the Webb Center for Maritime Studies lecturing include Prof. Edward V. Lewis, director; Prof.

Dan Hoffman and Prof. Robert Zubaly (who is also on the faculty of the Maritime College, SUNY, Fort Schuyler, Bronx, N.Y.).

For additional information, contact Prof. E.V. Lewis, Webb Institute of Naval Architecture, Glen Cove, N.Y. 11542.

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